Swiss Buttercream

Ingredients                              Amounts

Fresh egg whites                     1 C

Granulated sugar                     1 lb

Cream of tartar                        ½ tsp

Butter, diced, room temp.        1 lb 8 oz

Sweetex                                    6 oz

Vanilla extract                           1 T


In a 15 or 8 quart mixing bowl, combine the sugar, cream of tartar and the whites and heat them up over direct heat, stirring constantly and rotating the bowl at the same time. Heat the mixture till the grain of the sugar dissolves and very hot to touch. Take the mixture to the mixer and begin whipping on high speed. When the whites have formed a moist, stiff meringue, begin adding the diced room temperature butter. Then add the Sweetex gradually and the vanilla. Whip just till all ingredients have been incorporated thoroughly. This icing will require mixing down to emulsify the ingredients properly.  Refrigerate if held over night.

Note: Icing must be room temp in order to re-mix.

We used elegant packaging

to merchandise these authentic French treats in our Main Street Café at Schoolcraft

for the holidays.

Raspberry Preserves 

Ingredients                 Amounts

Fresh Raspberries      500 g

Sugar                         200 g

Pectin                            6 g

Citric Acid                     TT


Dry blend half the sugar with the pectin. Combine the fruit and the other half of the sugar. Bring to a boil. Add in the sugar/pectin mixture and return to a boil. Test for consistency on a pie tin. Add citric acid to taste, depending on need.

We filled these with freshly made raspberry preserves and Swiss buttercream.

Stack em,,,,,

Use dressage method to pipe the 'buttons'

The result should be a smooth mixture that will

hold peaks for a few seconds when touched

Allow to sit and develop a skin. Very important!

You should see the 'hamburger under the bun'

when properly baked

The cooled whites should be added

in stages to the base

The 245°F syrup should be poured down the side

of the bowl of whipping whites

We used liposoluble color at this point for our holiday sales

After the 95 g of whites are added

This is the almond flour and powdered sugar after we it "robot couped" it

French Macarons

Yield: 1250 g

Ingredients                    Amounts

Almond flour                    300 g

Powdered sugar               300 g

Egg whites                           95 g

Granulated sugar             350 g

Water                                   75 g

Egg whites                         130 g

Method: Place the powdered sugar and the almond flour in a robot coupe and chop till very fine, a minute or so. In a 8 qt mixing bowl, combine the ingredients in the first stage with a paddle and make a thick mass. Begin heating the sugar and water in a sauce pan. When the mixture reaches 230°F, begin whipping the egg whites on medium to high speed as needed. When the syrup reaches 245°F, pour it into the whipping whites. Make sure the stream of syrup runs down the side of the bowl, not into the turning whip. Allow to mix and cool to luke warm,approximately 100°F. Now add the Italian meringue in 4 stages to the almond masse and mix till smooth paste. The mixture should hold soft mounds when touching the surface. Macaronage as needed. Immediately pipe onto the Silpat. Allow a skin to form on the surface of the units, approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Bake in convection rack oven at 300 °F, for approximately 13 minutes.

Note: To make chocolate macaroons, combine 30g of cocoa powder with 30g of egg whites. Then add this chocolate base to the almond base on the mixer.

Below you'll find a recipe for French Macarons we've been developing for the past year.
Its also in my manual Foundations of Classical and Contemporary Pastry

I hope you enjoy it.

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